What Are Yeezy

Yeezy is a sneaker line created by Kanye West. The sneaker line was created with Nike. They were only two model realsed with Nike. Due to a falling out with Nike Kanye to his sneaker to Adidas. Kanye and Adidas have realsed three models so far. The yezzy have rose through the rank and became a very hyped up sneaker. The yezzy are very limted shoe. This shoe can fech you a paycheck of $1,000-$1,500. Kanye also made some sneaker with Louis Vuitton but are not consider yezzy.

Air Yeezy 1

The Nike Air yeezy was the first yeezy realsed. The Air yeezy is a very diffuclt sneaker to find. This was very hyped shoe realse. This shoe can eran you a big pay check.

Air Yezzy 2

The Air Yeezy two was the final shoe that Kanye realsed with Nike. This shoe is very hyped up. THe most hyped colorway is "The Red October". The red october can bring you uo to $1,200. This shoe was very cool but it was over shadow by the falling out Kanye had with Nike.

Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost

The adidas yeezy 750 boost was the very frist sneaker that Kanye realsed with adidas. This shoe had the sneaker community buzzing as it reached its realse. The shoe sold out instantly. This shoe sold for $2,000 on the resale market with the retail price was $350. This shoe was the start of a long parther ship with adidas.

Adidas 350 Boost/350 Boost V2

The adidas 350 boost was low top shoe. This shoe was a very hyped up shoe. This shoe had four colorways. This shoe was very hard to get. If you want this shoe it will cost you $1,250. In 2016 the shoe was revamped. They realsed the adiddas 350 boost v2. This shoe was a very hyped up shoe for months. This shoe has drop with four diffrent colorways.