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Kendrick Lamar Controversial Sneaker Collabs With Reebok

That right a sneaker has cause controvery. this is due to kendrick collab with reebok. The shoe that is causing an uproar is the classic rebook leather shoe. It is causing an uproar becuase kendrick wrote red and blue on the tounge of each shoe. Kendrick say that he did this becuase he trying to show unity to the kids but, his meassge has had backlash. Kendrick says that he willstick to his meassge and reccomed people to try to unit

Jordan 11 Space Jam Realse Remider

This is a reminder for the jordan 11 space jams. The jordan 11 is an iocn shoe. This is is limted edtiobn shoe created for the celbration of the movie Space Jam 20 year anniversary of the movie. The shoe are begin realse on December 10, 2016th a price tag of 220 usd. jordan brand will realse a two jordan inspired by jordan space jam 11 and clothing too. NIKE HYPERADAPT