What is Jordan Brand

Jordan brand is a company made by Nike. The brand started when they gave a singture shoe to Michael Jordan in his rookie year in the NBA. The frist shoe that was introduce was the Nike Air Jordan 1. His frist shoe that he used in his nba season was banned by NBA. Everytime he used the shoe in the NBA he was fined 5,000 dollars. Due to the succes of the first sneaker jordan the sneaker has realsed many more shoe. To this day the jordan sneaker line countines to this day win the Jordan 31.

Nike Air Jordan 1

The jordan 1 were to begin the first sneaker the of the line. This is one the most iconic shoe in sneaker communtiy.This sneaker is a lengend and will be a hyped up shoe forever.

Air Jordan 2

The Jordan 2 is not as popular as the other models but it still has a place in history. The only jordan two that was hyped up was the collab with Don C. So this shoe is part of the leagcy of the jordan brand as it reached high prices in the resale market.The jordan two Don C has reach prices up to $1,4999.

Air Jordan 3

The jordan three is a iconic jordan. The jordan three has had so many hyped up colorways. The white cement is one of the most hyped shoe. The jordan three is a big part in the jordan brand leagcy.

Air Jordan 4

The jordan four is the fourth shoe in the jordan shoe line. The jordan for has seen many callobs inits life time. One of the collab is the jordan 4 Eminem wich sells for $18,000 dollars. The jordan four has many iconic colorways. The most iconic colorway in my opion is the jordan four oreo. The jordan four has earn its spot in every sneakerhead collection. It has also earn It's spot in jordan brand leagcy.

Air Jordan 5

The jordan five was the fith shoe in the jordan line. This jordan is a very hyped up shoe. The jordan five has had many collabs. The biggest collab was the one with Supreme. The shoe was so hyped people were camping out at the Supreme store in New York. The line was so big the NYPD asked supreme not to realse the sneaker in store for safty concern. Due to this the shoe was only realsed online. So jordan five has caused many problems. The jordan five has earn it's place in the sneaker communtiy.

Air Jordan 6

The jordan shoe is a legend by itself. This jordan led Michael Jordan to his frist NBA Championship. The jordan six has had so many colorways. In my opion the infred six are the best becuase it was the colorways jordan wore when he won his championship. The jordan six has earn and justify their place in the jordan leagcey.

Air Jordan 7

The jordan seven was the second shoe the Jordsn wore when he won his second champion. The jordan seven is very hot shoe. The shoe are very cool. This jordan has eran its spot in the neaker communtiy.